AdUs is an audience and data driven company that gives customers of all sizes the ability to leverage emerging digital

products and improve upon digital revenue streams. We will build you a complete, custom digital marketing solution with

your target audience at the center of every campaign. Through strategic data analysis, we will identify your audience & their

buying habits to deliver your message to your target audience—wherever they are— on any device across the web.

Our custom solutions include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data analysis & Optimization
  • Display Media
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Email Marketing
  • Video
  • Retargeting


When you partner with AdUs you get:

  • Transparency on digital buys
  • Execution on campaigns using Google Analytics for reporting
  • Weekly optimization to ensure campaign success
  • Multiple platforms to provide you using quality data to drive conversion
  • Data management of every campaign (with appropriate tagging implemented)
  • Continued communication, training and education of our partners



AdUs will collect first party data, KPI’s, data counts, and targeting details for the
campaign. During this primary phase, AdUs will, through research and client
discussion, explore various means of incorporating the desired KPI’s into a
strategy for a structural campaign.

To summarize, the data collection process will include:

  • Building a custom strategy to reach desired target local and international
  • Tie the campaign to revenue metrics, KPI’s, and business model goals.
  • Final recommendations and products to launch campaign.

Phase II – Implementation

AdUs is now collecting 1st party publisher owned data. We then take this 1st
publisher data and cross aggregate the information through the third party
exchange, resulting in continuous qualified impressions.

Phase III – Ad Delivery

The campaign will be launched to start targeting the desired demographic.
Weekly optimizations will be suggested to ensure the health and success of the
campaign in reaching the target market segment.

Project Details

Details Below, each of the items above is addressed in more
outlining the optional solutions for the client. Quotes are listed for each option, so
please note there is no final overall quote since as this depends entirely on the
options the client will select.

  • Advertising on Instagram

    With a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads
    platforms. Business can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-
    quality environment. Instagram’s enhanced ad formats, targeting and buying options help
    advertisers drive the results they care about.

  • Email Marketing

    Maintain contact with your existing mailing list and acquire new clients through the use of our email
    products. AdUs has the solutions needed to keep you in constant communication with your
    current and future customers.

Phase IV: Retargeting

Also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in
front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. Retargeting is a cookie-based technology
that uses simple a Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web. The
cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads, ensuring that your ads are
served to only to people who have previously visited your site.

Phase V: Reverse Tracking

This is the ability to implement Revenue Tracking codes with a long campaign duration.

Fees and Billing

Additional management fees (20% of product line item) apply to Social Media
products. These will be agreed upon with the client before any purchases are
made. On acceptance and signing of a provided agreement and letter of
responsibility, AdUs will invoice the client for the total payment of this account
which will be made per Ad Us terms of net 30 days.


Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not
hesitate to contact me. AdUs looks forward to working with you to launch your
marketing campaign. Our aim is to see your company have a strategy outlined
for your unique business that meets today’s evolving marketing standards and
helps with improving the integrity of your brand in the digital landscape.

Michael Flanagan
General Manager
1111 West Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV 89106